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Self Awareness Activities: My Fear of Breaking the Internet

Posted by Bridget Beirne
April 5, 2013

Some unexpected self-awareness activities helped me realize my digital fear.

I'll admit it- I'm afraid of breaking the internet.Self awareness activities resized 600

On some level, I'm convinced that one misguided click (Done out of- what? Stupidity? Inattentiveness?) will cause the whole thing to come to a screeching halt. That I'll be the one that pulls the big plug on the whole operation. OR, at the very least, that I am capable of discovering the secret button on my laptop that will catapult the entire machine into the stratosphere, all the while immediately sending all of my bank information to the most advanced of hacker groups. (I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that "Prnt Scrn" button has a hidden agenda...)

I've been aware of it for years. On countless occasions, my boyfriend has encouraged me by saying "Really! It's OK- you won't break it!". Friends and coworkers echo that sentiment. Now, it doesn't help that my computer seems to be spending a bit more time in the sick bay than I'd like (we won't mention the make or model-). However, I've been assured by all of these sources that this has nothing to do with my potential to destroy Al Gore's greatest invention.

Here's the thing- I'm not computer illiterate. Obviously, in the world we live in, I'm constantly online or in front of a computer, sometimes doing difficult things. (If I do say so myself!) I can't avoid it, and I certainly haven't tried to, except in a few instances where I can't shake the need to do it "by hand", as we used to say in the olden days. Yes, I'm the girl with the outlook calendar AND the paper one, the online "task list" AND the one in a notebook. Don't judge. While I tell myself it's because I'm incredibly thorough (if slightly enchantingly obsessive!), it's all about fear. What is my reluctance to just give it over to the electronic gods?

Recently, Team Ovation has been working together doing some further enrichment on the ins and outs of everyone's favorite programs. As I've delved even deeper into the amazing capabilities of these incredible magic boxes, it all became abundantly clear. I've missed out on a ton of these fantastic life-hacks because I am afraid.

We talk A LOT about fear in our training. (Any time you talk about presentation skills, it's a must!) I've helped our participants deal with stage fright. As a professional actor, I've performed in front of thousands of people over the years. And yet, I can't seem to move away from the paper "to do" list? What gives?

I've decided I'm going to approach this digital apprehension with some of the same tools we use to deal with performance anxiety- dedication and LOTS of practice. I'm sure it will take time, but I know it will also open a world of possibilities down the road. And it will also bring relief! Finally, I can stop worrying about single-handedly destroying the web for you fine people, or obliterating my computer with a single click. Now, I can spend that time worrying about more important things, like why the MTA has a personal vendetta against me.

Oh, they DON'T? See, ya learn something new every day.

What is the fear standing in your way today? How will you hack it? Sound off in the comments!


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