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Emotional Intelligence: Mr. EI from SVI World! [Video]

Posted by Bridget Beirne
January 15, 2014

This guy thinks he's a master of relationship building activities. He should think again.

SVI World has created this very funny video introducing you to Mr. Emotional Intelligence- or soemotional intelligence he thinks. This brief clip is a perfect example of how things fall apart when we haven't put any work into building self-awareness, or sharpening our EI. (The poor guy he's working with just wants to discuss the Penske account!)

Imagine this dude trying to close a big sale- how would he know what his prospect needs? How would he be able to communicate what his company could bring to them? What about being able to gauge where the discussion is headed, and make decisions about where it should go? Or picture him presenting a new financial product- would you trust this person? Would you want to invest your time or money with someone who didn't look you in the eye, or actively listen to what was being said?

Take a look at the video and ask yourself- where do I fall in this scenario? Am I guilty of any of the same activities? How would you bring Mr. EI back on task? Sound off in the comments below-

Thanks and kudos to SVI World for a great video!





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