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In Previews: Week of January 20, 2014 | New on the OC Blog

Posted by Bridget Beirne
January 20, 2014

Here's what's currently center stage on the OC Blog!

Presentation Skills Training10 Shakespearean Quotes and How to Use Them in Your Presentations 

Today, we're featuring our first slideshare with 10 quotes from the Bard himself, William Shakespeare. And we're not just talking "to be or not to be"- these are some real heavy hitters that are extremely impactful.




Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence: Mr. EI from SVI World [Video] 

SVI World has created this very funny video introducing you to Mr. Emotional Intelligence- or so he thinks. This brief clip is a perfect example of how things fall apart when we haven't put any work into building self-awareness, or sharpening our EI. 








PresentationsPresentations: How to Use Jargon Without Sounding Like a Jerk 

Every profession, company, corporation, corporate culture, club, etc has it's own jargon- the individual terms, acronyms, and phraseology that create the language of a certain group... However, jargon gets tricky if there is anyone on the receiving end that doesn't speak the language.






professional presentationsProfessional Presentations: Dangerous Words that Derail Presentations 

When we're already nervous, feeling that public speaking anxiety creep in, and something goes wrong, we may forget that we have the ability to recover. In a knee-jerk reaction, we may reach for one of these dangerous words that kill our credibility and confidence.





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