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Professional Communication Skills: Pronunciation [Mental Floss Video]

Posted by Bridget Beirne
March 13, 2014

professional communication skills 9Mental Floss has some hilarious help for your professional communication skills.

Mispronunciations happen. We all have a friend that orders "expresso", or enjoys eating lunch at "ChipoL-te". But paying attention to correct pronunciation is important to all of your professional communication skills- whether or not you are giving a professional presentation at the time. Attention to pronunciation polishes your professional presence- it shows time, attention, and diligence.

The folks at Mental Floss have scored again with this great video outlining some very common mispronunciations, including a slew of pop culture references to keep you from having an Adele Dazeem moment. Watch the video, have a laugh, and then join us for a few quick tips after wards:




When it comes to pronunciation:

1. Be aware of what is a regionalism, and what is just wrong: Sure, in New York, Houston St. is pronounced "How-ston", while in Texas, the same word is clearly pronounced "Hyoo-ston". That's different strokes for different folks by region. However, there is no region where "expresso" or  "Horz-dee-oovrays" exist. 


2. It's OK to be wrong: No one is perfect, but if you discover your pronouncing something incorrectly, be willing to change it! It doesn't help to defend a pronunciation that is just wrong. We live in a world where audible pronunciation resources are a click away. Let your fingers do the walking and type a questionable word or phrase into an on line dictionary.


3. Take your time: Sometimes, accidental mispronunciations can happen with rushed or lazy speech. Take you time, remember your articulation, and you'll be sure to avoid accidentally garbling important names or terms.


Many thanks to Mental Floss for the great video!



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