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Studio G - AI Driven Speaker Coaching


Our quick and easy 20-minute webinars, led by OC President Kerri Garbis, are chock-full of tips for you and your team.


Ask An Expert! Storytelling in Business: Visual Storytelling for Sales Success

Presentation design expert Luke Goetting, founder of Puffingston, joins Kerri to give you insider tips to create visuals to support stories that sell. In 20 minutes, they'll discuss why storytelling matters in your sales cycle, and how you can visualize your brand story for maximum impact on your prospects.


Ask an Expert! Emotional Intelligence and Work/Life Satisfaction

Special guest Jones Loflin joins Kerri for our second "Ask an Expert!" webinar. Jones brings his incomparable insights into how you can improve your work/life satisfaction using your Emotional Intelligence. He’s a renowned speaker and co-author of "Juggling Elephants", "Getting to It!", and more.


An Emotional Intelligence Primer: How EI Can Increase Professional Success

Increase your Emotional Intelligence and professionalism in the workplace. Our webinar introduces the basics of Emotional Intelligence, how to handle positive and negative emotions at work, and how EI increases professionalism.


Personalizing the Facts: An Introduction to Business Storytelling

Why should you tell a story in a business setting? Personalizing your facts makes you more engaging, relatable, and persuasive. Find out how you can tell your story in our "Introduction to Business Storytelling" webinar!


Storytelling for Business: Setting the Stage

Before you start any story, you must set the stage. In the second webinar of our Business Storytelling series, Kerri Garbis takes you in-depth with the art of Business Storytelling by focusing on the first important piece of story development — exposition — and how you can use it effectively to make stories come to life.


Storytelling for Business: Exciting Inciting Incidents

Every story has one moment where everything changes. In the third installment of our Business Storytelling series, you'll learn how to find it, craft it, and elevate your story ideas to win over the crowd.


Storytelling for Business: Building the Mystery

The Rising Action of your story continues to build the mystery for your listeners — how will you steer the wheels you’ve set in motion? In the fourth webinar of our Storytelling for Business series, Ovation Communication President Kerri Garbis helps you continue on the path to powerful storytelling.


Storytelling for Business: The Big Moment

Your audience should appreciate and enjoy the peak of your business story as much as you do. Kerri Garbis shows you how in the fifth, 20-minute webinar of our Storytelling for Business series.


Improv for Business

When you think "improv," you may think of Saturday Night Live or the Upright Citizens Brigade. What you should think is business. Improv skills keep all of your communication nimble, positive, and effective by helping you think on your feet, work with what you're given, and keep your message flowing.


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