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Studio G - AI Driven Speaker Coaching

Our approach to Interpersonal Communication Training


Customized communication skills training, led by professional actors.

Professional Presence
Professional Presence
Build a strong Professional Presence and hone Presentation Skills to connect and influence.
Storytelling allows presenters to connect with audiences on personal and intuitive levels.
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is a particular type of social aptitude – it’s the capacity to perceive, understand, and manage emotions.

The steps we take to help you:

  • Utilize our experience as working professional actors to help clients deliver much more than words on a page.
  • Develop and nurture complete communicators – uniting voice, mind, body, and image.
  • Facilitate a positive and comfortable learning environment that encourages participants to become the best version of
  • Create highly customized solutions based on the needs, nuances, and budget of the specific client, avoiding
    inflexible off-the-shelf programs that do not take these
    distinct characteristics into account.
  • Model the behavior we would like to see from participants, always staying on our A-game and continuing to lead by
  • Build real relationships with our clients, serving as a support system with practical feedback and additional
  • Collect data from participants ahead of time in order to create and distribute a Training Quality Report, incorporating Before-and-After analysis and verbatim testimonials based on surveys.
  • Provide tangible, actionable process elements the clients can put into play themselves rather than just teaching them to “feel a particular way” or “emote something.”
  • Make use of small group settings, so clients receive plenty of individual attention and get their money’s worth!
  • Help individuals highlight and express their unique personality, giving them the confidence and know-how to seamlessly bring it out in the business world.
  • Travel anywhere! This team of professionals is game for any location.
  • Enable speakers in any forum to connect with their audience by becoming engaging, entertaining, and persuasive communicators.
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