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Studio G - AI Driven Speaker Coaching

E-Books & Tipsheets

Ovation's Essentials of Business Communication Library


Hit Your Mark eBook

You're an expert in your content, but do you connect with, persuade, and influence your listeners? In our free eBook we spill four essential secrets that will help you deliver like the pros.


Conference Speaker's Toolkit Infographic

What you need to bring — other than yourself — to be prepared for anything at your next conference engagement. Get packing!


Tips to Embody Your Presentation Tactics

Wondering how to improve presentation skills and influence the crowd? These simple tips match effective business body language and physicality with your message.


Presentation Skills Training: What Are Objectives?

Do you really know what you want from your presentations? This tipsheet helps you find your communication Objective, and influence your audience.


100 Instant, Interesting Speech Topics

Find the most interesting speech topics for an upcoming event. We've got a hundred of 'em! Whether you're introducing someone at a conference, making a toast, or receiving an award, we've got you covered.


10 Top Tips for Extraordinary Networking

Develop stronger relationship management skills and better all-around networking. Our 10 Top Tips for Extraordinary Networking build lasting connections between professionals.


Public Speaking Tips to Deal With Disaster During a Conference Demo

When conference presentation disaster strikes, it can bring on that sinking feeling in your stomach that makes you believe all is lost. It's not. Our public speaking tips for conference demos will keep you calm, confident, and in charge.


22 Tangible Tips to Increase Emotional Intelligence

Strong Emotional Intelligence skills lead to improved employee connection and personal success. We've got 22 tangible, actionable tips you can use to increase your EI skills overall.


5 Common Mistakes That Detract From Professional Presence

Are these five common mistakes undermining your professional presence? You can avoid them and keep all of your verbal and non-verbal communication polished and professional.


5 Confidence-building Tips for Conference Speakers

Be bold. Be confident. Be YOU. Our tips for conference speakers will help you present with power, passion, and personality.


7 Successful Strategies for Engaging Content

Do you need creative presentation ideas to engage the crowd? Dry content doesn't have to be a bore! We've got 7 successful strategies to make any content engaging and keep your audience hanging on your every word.


The Big Four Fillable Worksheet

Here are presentation techniques for sure-fire success! Our dynamic Big Four Acting Secrets for Presentations Worksheet prepares you to truly engage your audience and move them to action.


5 Storytelling Techniques to Catapult Your Presentation From Common to Compelling

What can Charles Dickens or Walt Disney teach you about presentation skills training? Their storytelling expertise takes audiences on motivational journeys that inspire them to take action. Learn to tell YOUR story with these techniques.


3 Exercises for Strong Team Leadership Skills

Did you know 75% of executives say that good physical fitness is critical for executive career success? What about good LEADERSHIP fitness? Combine the two and work on these three exercises to build leadership skills within your team. No heavy weights or extra reps required.


5 Signs You Need to Improve Your Team Leadership Skills

Here are five signs that you need to improve your team leadership skills in the workplace. And the best part...we tell you how!


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