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Insights on Communication Skills and Relationship Building


Ovation President, Kerri Garbis on Winning Business Radio

Kerri Garbis on "For the Love of Your Biz" Podcast!

Pick the Right Story: Storytelling for Business

How's It Going? Professional Skills Check-In

Best of the OC Blog: Presentation Skills Collection

Best of the OC Blog: Emotional Intelligence Collection

Happy Halloween! 2017 Business Communication Fears Collection

A Communication Skills Round-Up of Newness on the OC Blog

Presentation Skills Training: No Time to Prep

Is "Authentic Communication" More Than a Bunch of Buzzwords?

Presentation Skills Training: What if I'm Running Late?

4 Ways to Make Your New Hire Training Program Shine

Presentation Skills Training: Overcoming a Frozen Demo

How to Bring the Element of Surprise to Your Business Storytelling

Presentation Skills Training: Maximizing Presentation Time

Presentation Skills Training: Managing Visuals and Storytelling

Team Ovation Takes the Stage! Summer/Fall 2017 Edition

Presentation Skills Training: Dealing with Disruptive Audience Members

3 Ways to Reassess Your Leadership Skills

Presentation Skills Training: Where Am I?!

Simple Activities to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Presentation Skills Training: When Your Mind Goes Blank

Our Conference Speaker's Toolkit Infographic

Presentation Skills Training: When You Don't Have the Answer

What is Professional Presence? 3 Essential Thoughts

Presentation Skills Training: Delivering Bad News

Are You Afraid to Lead? How to Be a Team Leader Others Admire

Presentation Skills Training: Activating Mandated Training

Presentation Skills Training: What If You Lose Your Co-Presenter?

Presentation Skills Training "What Ifs": Your Questions, Answered

Radio Alert! Presentation Skills for Managers on "Mastering Your Money"

Communication Skills Round-Up: Best of the OC Blog, 2016

WOW Factor: You Won’t Believe We Made This Entirely with PowerPoint

How to Conduct Your Own Emotional Intelligence "Year in Review"

Gratitude: It's Not the Thought that Counts

6 More Outside-the-Box Creative Presentation Ideas

Interview with Kerri Garbis for Activia Training's "Expert Insights"

5 Resources to Fight the Fright of Business Communication Challenges

What You're NOT Saying: Is Your Interpersonal Communication Suffering?

The Conference Coordinator's Checklist for Totally Prepped Speakers

How Emotional Reasoning Can Distort Emotional Intelligence

Are These Roadblocks in the Way of Your Professional Development?

6 Last-Minute Presentation Tips to Run with, Now!

Presentation Skills for Managers: 3 Must-Dos, and 1 "Optional"

Introducing... "Presentation Skills for Managers" by Kerri Garbis

Conference Speakers Unite! How to Give it Your Olympic "All" On-Site

4 Secrets to Overcoming Stage Fright that May Be Easier than You Think

Relationship Building Skills, Up and Down the Ladder

Presentation Skills Training: Habit or Choice? Physicality and Message

Attend Our Webinar! "Emotional Intelligence & Work/Life Satisfaction"

Take 5 Tips Video! 5 Attention Grabbers for Speeches and Presentations

Don't Miss "Take 5 Tips", Our New Series of Business Training Videos!

Communication Strategies to Keep Difficult Conversations Productive

How to Handle the Types of Emotions that Can Undermine Professionalism

Why the Idea of Storytelling for Business Might Be Freaking You Out

4 Relationship Building Activities for a More Harmonious Workplace

A Brief "Why" and "How" of Storytelling in Business

How to (Finally!) Get a Response to Your Professional Email

3 Ways to Visually Bring the Wow Factor with Your Sales Deck

3 Major Ways to Survive the Gauntlet of Impromptu Speech

The Benefits of Corporate Team Building for Your Organization

The Anatomy of a Flawless Business Thank You Note

Presentation Ideas: The 3 Step Process to Blow the Doors Off Your Prep

3 Relationship Building Skills Blunders You're Probably Making Daily

Spring is in the Air! The Official Conference Speaker's Toolkit

10 Conference Presentation Tips You'll Be Thankful For Later

Employee Connections: Meet Director of Operations, Tom Frey!

Presentation Skills Training 101: How to Make the Most of Gestures

Creative Presentation Ideas: Attention Grabbers, Hold the Cheese

One Moment in Time: How a Mindful Moment Changed My Career

How to Handle Stress and Avoid Interpersonal Communication Fumbles

How Actors Can Power Up Your Process for Training New Hires

Exercises and Tips to Help You Crush Your Fear of Public Speaking

Why Every Manager Must Cultivate Employee Relationship Building Skills

Business Body Language: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

4 Ways to Create the Wow Factor in Your Corporate Presentation

How to Create an Exceptional Professional Presence in 5 Simple Steps

Employee Connections: Introducing Lori Free!

Communicating Gratitude... What Team Ovation is Thankful for This Year

Why Employers Value Written Communication Skills in the Workplace

Wise Up Your Corporate Presentation with These 5 Messaging Musts

5 Quick Tips for Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

How Strong Are Your Relationship Management Skills?

Even Vampires Need to Work on Their Storytelling Techniques

It's Time to Say Goodbye to Your Public Speaking Anxiety

The Rules of the Road for Networking at Conferences

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: Two Peas in a Pod

Silent but Deadly… Poor Body Language in Sales Closes Doors, Not Deals

Understanding the Difference Between Business-Speak and Useless Jargon

The Best Communication Strategies to Engage a Technical Audience

Storytelling for Business Made Simple: 5 Chief Guidelines

The Secrets to Writing Business Emails without Overthinking

3 Essential Elements for Your New Hire Training Plan

Conference Call Skills for Days! 7 Tips for Your Next Virtual Meeting

The 1 Reason Your B2B Biz Should Invest in Business Etiquette Training

5 Presentation Techniques to Avoid… and What You Should Do Instead

The Elegance, Engagement, and Impact of Good Corporate Storytelling

Interpersonal Communication Skills: More Important Than Hard Skills

How to Avoid the Unexpected Perils of Conference Presentations!

Communication Skills for Leadership: How to Answer Employee Questions

The One-on-One Conference Presentation: 6 Trade Show Booth Tips

Business Communication 101: How To Ask Your Boss Anything

What's the Big Idea? More Structure for Your Conference Presentation

Audience Analysis for Conference Delivery

Business Communication: 5 Important Questions for New Hires to Ask

Powerful Presentation Ideas: How to Use "Knowledge, Attitude, Action"

Painless Public Speaking Tips for On-site Conference Delivery Prep

Professional Presence: 3 Ways to Maximize Your Onboarding Experience

Business Etiquette Training: National Business Etiquette Week Wrap-Up

10 Top Business Etiquette Training Behaviors to Try This Week

Relationship Management Skills: What Makes a Good Manager? 7 Qualities

Self Awareness Activities: Are You Aware of Your Presentation Self?

Introducing... Your Presentation!: Ideas to Have Them at "Hello"

Deliver Yourself from Etiquette Hell!

Presentation Ideas: Now You Know What You Want. How Do You Get It?

Steal This Tip! #6: Let Your Presentation Skills Training Get Physical

How to Dress for Professional Presence: Classic

How to Improve Presentation Skills with Your Own "Silent Movie"

How to Sharpen Your Facilitation Skills for Stellar Q&A Sessions

Presentation Skills Training: When is Data More Than Data?

5 of the BEST Presentation Ideas You'll Hear Today (or Any Day)

Relationship Building Activities for Career Success: 5 Life Hacks

Presentation Skills Tips: Vocal Care for the No-Longer-Invincible

The Worst Presentation Ideas. Ever.

What Is Interpersonal Communication? Definition and 3 Myths

How My Theatre Background Impacts My Professional Skills in Business

Steal This Tip! #5: For Effective Presentations, Think Backwards

Professionalism in the Workplace: Willful Ignorance and Productivity

Presentation Skills Training Tips for Co-Presenters

4 Ways to Create Your Own Luck with Business Communication Skills

4 Presentation Ideas to Use PowerPoint Like a Normal, Everyday Human

Creative Presentation Ideas: 3 Essential Presentation Skills Hacks

3 Presentation Skills Training Tips to Cure "Verbal Viruses"

Steal This Tip #4!: Instant Audience Analysis

Story Ideas: How to Navigate the Falling Action in Your Business Story

Meditate Shmeditate! Meditation and Professionalism in the Workplace

How to Make Your Business Story Ideas Pop with a Strong Climax

Employee Connection: 8 Candy Hearts You Wish You Could Send at Work

Steal This Tip! #3: To Use or Not to Use Punctuation in Presentations

Presentation Techniques: Do You Really Know What You Want?

5 PowerPoint Hacks to Improve Presentation Skills: Part 2

Get the Presentation Skills Secrets You've Been Missing in Our eBook!

How to Improve Presentation Skills with 5 Simple PowerPoint Hacks

It's Not About You: How NOT to Focus on "You" During Presentations

Steal This Tip! #2:How to (Hopefully) Prevent a Presentation Screw-Up

Steal This Tip! #1: Breathe Your Way to Better Presentation Skills

How to Supplement Your Presentation Skills with the "Moment Before"

Types of Emotions: Today’s Toddlers are Tomorrow’s Office Superstars

Creative Presentation Ideas: 6 Outside-the-Box Preparation Tips

Improve Your Business Story Ideas by Building the Mystery

How to Get Creative with Your Professional Skills Resolutions

Twas the Night Before the Presentation...

Dazzle with Professional Presence from Work Day to Holiday Party Pt.2

Dazzle with Professional Presence from Work Day to Holiday Party: Pt.1

4 Ways to Keep Your Office Holiday Party Out of Poor Etiquette Hell

When Work Emotions Aren't What They Seem

Work Emotion: 3 Ways to Show Gratitude Without Being Sickly-Sweet

Story Starters: Why I Love Good Exposition (and So Should You!)

How to Increase Employee Connection with an Attitude of Gratitude

What Makes Your Story Ideas Stand Out?

4 Creative Presentation Ideas from Valerie Cherish

Types of Emotions: Kill 'Em With Kindness

Work Emotion: 4 Tips for Cooling the Workplace Hotheads

Presentation Skills: Don't Picture Them In Their Underwear - Do This

Our Ultimate "Scary Things About Professional Skills" Collection

Why You Should Share Your Story Ideas For "Tell a Story Day"

Personality Traits List: The "Walking Dead" at Work

Types of Emotions: Spoon Flinging and Self-Control (or Lack Thereof)

Self Management Skills: The Business of Self-Improvement

Types of Emotions: How to Increase Emotional Awareness of Others

Why Business Etiquette Shouldn't Feel Like "Etiquette Hell"

Kicked Like a Dog at Work? 5 "Outlander" Relationship Building Skills

Professionalism in the Workplace: Leadership and #2 from the Yankees

How to Write Professional Emails Your Recipients Will Thank You For

Informative Speech Ideas You Can Steal from Inbound 2014

Overcoming Stage Fright? Just Talk and Listen!

Work Emotion: How Can I Be Happy at Work and Still Succeed? Part 2

Work Emotion: How Can I Be Happy at Work and Still Succeed? Part 1

Professionalism in the Workplace: Sheila's Emotional Self-Awareness

When Negativity Reigns:What Types of Emotions Exist in Your Workplace?

How Would You Like to Be Described? A Brief List of Character Traits

Overcoming Stage Fright? You're Not Alone

Here's Something Positive: Smiling Just Might Make You Feel Better

How Workplace Traditions Can Impact Your Team

"What is so Important?" and other Self Awareness Activities

Self-Management Skills: Cell Phone Etiquette & Emotional Intelligence

Character Traits: Emotional Intelligence Tips from a Real-Life Actor

How to Use the Principle of Social Proof in Persuasive Speeches

Effective Communication Skills Tips from a Self-Professed Geek

A Declaration of Independence for Your Professional Presentation

Mobile Manners Challenge: 3 Etiquette Opportunities in July

How to Use the Principle of Consistency in Professional Presentations

Why the Principle of Scarcity Can Inspire Persuasive Speech Audiences

How to (Subtly) Wield the Principle of Authority in Persuasive Speech

Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Impromptu Speech

Has This Professional Email Fiasco Happened to You? (How to Avoid It!)

How to Make Your Personal Stamp Part of Your Email Etiquette

6 Tips for Delivering Impromptu Speech Topics from the TONY Awards

8 Top Tips for Building Business Relationships

Building Business Relationships: What is Multicultural Etiquette?

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