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Elizabeth Levey

Recent Posts

5 Presentation Techniques to Avoid… and What You Should Do Instead

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
August 19, 2015
by Elizabeth Levey We have a lot of great recommendations for presentation "dos:" best practices, techniques, and tips to ensure that all of your presentations are out of this world. But every “do” has its “don’t” as well; pitfalls and traps that you want to avoid at all costs during your next...

The Elegance, Engagement, and Impact of Good Corporate Storytelling

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
August 14, 2015
by Elizabeth Levey Our friends at Microsoft have launched a fantastic page on their partner network, dedicated to sharing stories of how Microsoft and their partners have collaborated to impact and influence our ever changing and evolving world.  As a part of a culture addicted to stories, I...

How to Avoid the Unexpected Perils of Conference Presentations!

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
July 23, 2015
by Elizabeth Levey Welcome back, readers!  I was recently on-site at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in sunny Orlando.  I had the rewarding opportunity to help many speakers gear-up for their presentations at the conference, and let me tell you, there is some fantastic work being done. WPC...

Communication Skills for Leadership: How to Answer Employee Questions

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
July 15, 2015
by Elizabeth Levey We’ve already covered how to ask your boss anything, but what if you’re the boss (or supervisor or manager), and your employee comes to you with a request?  Maybe it’s a question or issue that you’re prepared to address, or maybe it takes you completely off-guard.  Regardless,...

The One-on-One Conference Presentation: 6 Trade Show Booth Tips

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
July 10, 2015
by Elizabeth Levey Welcome back, readers!  In past posts, we’ve offered you an in-depth review of how to prepare to nail your conference presentation.  But sometimes, you might not be presenting to an auditorium full of people — you're giving a one-on-one presentation at your company's booth. What...
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