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Insights on Communication Skills and Relationship Building


Kerri Garbis

Recent Posts

Is "Authentic Communication" More Than a Bunch of Buzzwords?

Posted by Kerri Garbis
August 30, 2017
Authentic communication is like the "Brigadoon" of business life. We often talk about it — and those who are able to achieve it — in hushed, revered tones. There are those people that are able to consistently present their authentic self, and we applaud their ability to communicate so openly. Then...

4 Ways to Make Your New Hire Training Program Shine

Posted by Kerri Garbis
August 11, 2017
  Have you ever been "thrown into the deep end" at a new job? It can be intimidating, alienating, and confusing even for people completely suited to their new position. Of course, an employer wants to know that a new hire can hit the ground running on day one. Because of this expectation, not...

3 Ways to Reassess Your Leadership Skills

Posted by Kerri Garbis
May 11, 2017
Take a moment, right now — how would you rate yourself as a leader? How effective do you find your leadership skills? Do you feel you're the leader you want to be, or would you rate yourself "needs improvement"? Leadership skills should be ever-evolving and developing. Of course, from time to...

Are You Afraid to Lead? How to Be a Team Leader Others Admire

Posted by Kerri Garbis
February 28, 2017
Admitting you're afraid can be as frightening as admitting defeat. On some level, I think we often confuse the two entirely. In fact, sometimes we feel that if we're afraid, we've already failed. We talk so often about fighting or facing our fears, and share memes about how we should do one...

Gratitude: It's Not the Thought that Counts

Posted by Kerri Garbis
November 22, 2016
A while back, a friend from college sent me quick message via Facebook to thank me for something I did over twenty years ago. When we were in school, a close friend of his died quite unexpectedly. He desperately wanted to attend the funeral, but was obligated to the play we were working on at...
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