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Best of the OC Blog: Emotional Intelligence Collection

Posted by Blog Tipster
November 30, 2017


Want to improve your overall Emotional Intelligence, but don't know quite where or how to begin? This collection of some of our favorite EI articles from the OC Blog is a great place to get started.


Simple Activities to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

"As I've learned more about EI, I've realized how much of one's EmotionaI Intelligence skills development is self-reliant. Truly, you must start with you. It's easy to look outward, but you've got to start by looking in. However, it's helpful to have a structure to work with, or simple activities that you can work on day-to-day, so you don't get lost in the emotional mire. "

How to Conduct Your Own Emotional Intelligence Year in Review

"The end of the year is the perfect time to assess your progress. Below, you'll find 20 questions to ask yourself aligned with 4 major principles of EI: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, and Relationship Management. Simply answer these questions for yourself with "always", "sometimes", or "rarely". See how well you're progressing, and use your responses as a baseline for next year's skill improvement."


How Emotional Reasoning Can Distort Emotional Intelligence

"One of the difficulties with this perception is that it can keep us from improving our overall emotional intelligence. Since EI requires us to assess ourselves as well as those around us, emotional reasoning can keep us trapped and unable to see what's truly happening in our interactions."


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: Two Peas in a Pod

"Emotionally intelligent leaders lead with empathy, awareness, and understanding; as a result, they foster an environment of collaboration and shared success. If you don't feel confident in your EI skills — or you're not 100% sold on their importance —  here are some leadership challenges that can be greatly helped (and maybe even overcome!)  with strong emotional intelligence skills. "


Want more EI resources? Why not watch our "Ask an Expert" webinar:

Emotional Intelligence and Work/Life



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