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Happy Halloween! 2017 Business Communication Fears Collection

Posted by Bridget Beirne
October 31, 2017


Don't be scared! On the day of frights, face up to some of your business communication fears. Here's a round up of some of our favorite posts to tackle fears from leadership to presentations and beyond.

Are You Afraid to Lead? How to Be a Leader Others Admire

"As a team leader, you may find aspects of what you do intimidating, or overwhelming, or frightening. You may be bogged down by the responsibility of leading your group not just effectively but successfully, and in a way that others admire. This can leave you wondering how to be a team leader who excels, while dealing with things that might make your knees knock under your desk."

Self-Awareness Activities: My Fear of Breaking the Internet

"On some level, I'm convinced that one misguided click (Done out of- what? Stupidity? Inattentiveness?) will cause the whole thing to come to a screeching halt. That I'll be the one that pulls the big plug on the whole operation. OR, at the very least, that I am capable of discovering the secret button on my laptop that will catapult the entire machine into the stratosphere, all the while immediately sending all of my bank information to the most advanced of hacker groups." 

Presentation Skills Training: What If You Lose Your Co-Presenter?

Talk about scary! Tips to deal if your presentation partner is a no-show.

5 Resources to Fight the Fright of Business Communication Challenges

Check back in with last year's collection and see what you missed!


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