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Presentation Skills Training: Managing Visuals and Storytelling

Posted by Blog Tipster
June 27, 2017


We've got an answer to another great presentation skills training "What If..." today. Need some quick advice on how to leverage your visuals when telling a story in a presentation? Here's a high-level overview of some things to keep in mind to make sure that your story and visuals are supporting, not fighting against, each other.

What if... I need help managing presentation visuals and storytelling?

Answer from Kerri: My advice for visuals is always that less is more. Yes, you want the audience to be able to see what they need to, however YOU are the star of the show – not your visuals. However, there are lots of creative things that PowerPoint and other visual programs can do to enhance your storytelling.

If you want to supplement a story with visuals, a few bold images can work wonders. Keep them simple, and use them to highlight key moments and points in the story. But the best advice I can give you is to know when to black out those visuals all together. Blacking out your screen tells the audience exactly where they need to look – at you. It allows them to focus in on your message, rather than have a split focus.

Don’t worry, when you want to bring those visuals back, you can! In fact, a well-timed visual reveal can be a great way to highlight the climax or conclusion of your story. And congratulations to you for using stories in your presentations!

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