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Team Ovation Takes the Stage! Summer/Fall 2017 Edition

Posted by Blog Tipster
June 9, 2017
Team Ovation doesn't only travel near and far to help people improve their communication skills. As professional actors, we're on the road for show business, too. See where you can catch our team members busy on stage, screen, and in the director's chair this summer and fall:

Why You Need to Be Fearless in a Storytelling Speech

Posted by Tom Frey
March 21, 2014
Effective business storytelling in a professional presentation requires being fearlessly YOU.

How to "Raise the Stakes" like an Actor for a Storytelling Speech

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
March 20, 2014
by Elizabeth Levey Actors know all about "raising the stakes" in a scene. Understanding that concept for a professional presentation can turn your mild-mannered talk into a powerful storytelling speech.


Posted by Eric Bergeron
March 19, 2014
"All the world's a stage"

Business Storytelling: On Being SMART

Posted by Megan Wells
March 18, 2014
Business storytelling in action!
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