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Pick the Right Story: Storytelling for Business

Posted by Blog Tipster
March 29, 2018
A great story is only half the battle. This is because a great story might not be the right story for every situation, presentation, or meeting.  Here are some quick tips to help you pick the right story: 1. The "that reminds me..." test: Good, universal stories have themes that everyone can...

How to Bring the Element of Surprise to Your Business Storytelling

Posted by Bridget Beirne
July 28, 2017
  Great storytelling is surprising. When we watch an excellent movie, see a compelling play, or read a great book, the best ones have events that we don't see coming. In fact, one of my favorite reactions to anything I watch, listen to, or read is, "WHAT?! That came out of nowhere!" When you use...

Why the Idea of Storytelling for Business Might Be Freaking You Out

Posted by Bridget Beirne
June 4, 2016
Fans of TED Talks, or just of excellent presenting in general, embrace the idea of storytelling for business. They see how valuable it is in a presentation, sales pitch, demo, or meeting. But there are folks out there that seem to be genuinely freaked out by it. 

A Brief "Why" and "How" of Storytelling in Business

Posted by Kerri Garbis
May 20, 2016
This post from Kerri originally appeared on the Puffingston blog. We collaborated with presentation design expert (and Puffingston founder) Luke Goetting to bring you "Visual Storytelling for Sales Succes", the first webinar in our "Ask an Expert!" series. If you missed the original broadcast, you...

Wise Up Your Corporate Presentation with These 5 Messaging Musts

Posted by Bridget Beirne
November 18, 2015
"I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle..." When you approach your corporate presentations, what are you thinking? Are you actively trying to bring meaning to your message in the strongest way possible, or are you tossing out your facts and figures with as little hope of getting a response...
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