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6 More Outside-the-Box Creative Presentation Ideas

Posted by Bridget Beirne
November 17, 2016
The phrase "outside the box" has come by its jargon status honestly. We're often striving to change our perspective, and try something new or more creative. We use this phrase to remind us to break out, because often we don't realize we're in the box at all. Deep, right?

Interview with Kerri Garbis for Activia Training's "Expert Insights"

Posted by Blog Tipster
November 9, 2016
This interview with Ovation President Kerri Garbis originally appeared in the Expert Insights series for Activia Training - a major UK provider of professional skills development. Take a look to learn a bit more about Kerri, her book Presentation Skills for Managers, and why her first acting...

The Elegance, Engagement, and Impact of Good Corporate Storytelling

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
August 14, 2015
by Elizabeth Levey Our friends at Microsoft have launched a fantastic page on their partner network, dedicated to sharing stories of how Microsoft and their partners have collaborated to impact and influence our ever changing and evolving world.  As a part of a culture addicted to stories, I...

Powerful Presentation Ideas: How to Use "Knowledge, Attitude, Action"

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
June 18, 2015
by Elizabeth Levey As a leader (and whenever you are in front of a group, you are the leader) you are almost always going to try to motivate your audience to do something. It might be to buy your product, to agree with your idea, or to apply new procedures. Successful motivation of your audience...

Introducing... Your Presentation!: Ideas to Have Them at "Hello"

Posted by Elizabeth Levey
May 14, 2015
by Elizabeth Levey We all know the importance of a good first impression. In fact, studies have shown that our audience makes a snap judgment about us within the first 100 milliseconds of seeing our face!  Judgment often has negative connotations, but what if within that 100 milliseconds, I...
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