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Ovation's unique approach to communication skills training

At Ovation, we know that communication skills are essential for success in any field. That's why we offer a unique public speaking training experience tailored to your team's needs. Our immersive approach helps your team members practice and hone their skills.

Whether you need help with presence and speechwriting, storytelling, or delivery skills, we can create a program to help your team succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to communication skills training.


Our Professional Presence and Speaker Development services can not only improve your team members individually, but help your organization bloom.

Our goal is for your teams to master the art of human interaction using our proprietary 6-Step Prep public speaking training. The skills your organization's members will learn help them, whether they're meeting with small groups or standing front and center in a room full of industry peers at major conferences.

Ovation's communication skills training consultants are business-savvy professional actors with an assortment of experience in sales, management, education, and other fields.

We model the skills and behaviors we teach to our clients, who now number in the thousands since our founding in 2011, including many Fortune 500 executives.


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Here's what Ovation's training consultants do to help our clients

  • Deliver much more than mere words on a page, thanks to our communication skills training consultants' experience as working professional actors.
  • Develop and nurture well-rounded and complete communicators, uniting mind, body, voice, and image.
  • Create highly customized solutions based on our clients' needs, nuances, and budgets.
  • Foster a positive and comfortable learning environment that encourages participants to become the best versions of themselves.
  • Utilize small-group settings so our clients grow from receiving lots of individual attention and feedback.
  • Model the skills and behavior we want to see from our participants, always staying on our A-game and leading by example.
  • Build genuine relationships with our clients, while serving as a support system, offering practical feedback and additional resources during our public speaking training.
  • Provide actionable processes our clients can put into play themselves, rather than just teaching them to "feel a particular way."
  • Help our clients express their unique personalities, giving them the confidence and know-how to seamlessly bring out their personalities in the business world.
  • Enable our participants to connect with their audience by becoming captivating and persuasive communicators.
  • Travel anywhere! Our trainers are game for teaching in any location to meet your teams' needs.
  • Train clients in different languages.  English? Of course! Spanish? Si! French? Oui!


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We're confident we can polish your teams' communication skills, helping your employees grow while elevating your organization.

We model the skills and behaviors we teach to our clients, who now number in the thousands since our founding in 2011, including many Fortune 500 executives.


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