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Ovation is a communication skills training firm specializing in Professional Presence and Speaker Development

Our robust offerings can help your team members stretch themselves, growing their communication skills, and getting the most out of their engagement with others.

Our communication skills training consultants are business-savvy professional actors with a variety of experience in fields such as sales, management and education. All our consultants boast an impressive acting resume along with a hearty history of business experience. Our communication skills training consultants are as much at home in a boardroom as on stage or before a group of eager participants as in front of a camera. You might have seen them on Broadway with Bernadette Peters, on film playing poker with Brad Pitt or on major stages and television programs. Ready to experience the Ovation difference for yourself?

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Our communication skills training consultants are the perfect match

Communication is essential for any business. It helps to build relationships, resolve conflicts, and maintain a positive work environment. However, effective communication requires more than just speaking and listening. It also ensures a stellar delivery that involves nonverbal cues, body language, and emotional intelligence. That's where our communication skills training consultants come in.

At Ovation Communication, we will assess your employees' communication styles and provide customized coaching to help them shine in the workplace. We'll teach them how to make eye contact, use appropriate body language, and speak with confidence. In addition, we'll help them to understand and manage their emotions, so they can always stay professional. With our help, your employees will be able to communicate effectively in any situation.

Ovation’s communication consultants model the skills and behaviors taught to our clients

We help our clients improve their presence so they grow in confidence, learning how to command a room. We help them hone their speechwriting, storytelling, and delivery skills so they become proficient in preparation, able to captivate audiences of all sizes.

Ovation’s clients—thousands since our inception 10 years ago—emerge as dynamic communicators, thrilling their audiences, whether in monthly departmental meetings or in front of industry peers at major conferences.


Ovation’s communication skills consultants help our clients master the art of human interaction using our proprietary 6-Steps to Success to ensure a stellar delivery of every training engagement

Our communication skills training consultants give our clients deep insight during our practical and experiential training, which includes immediately applicable real-world skills as well as continued support. We can help our clients craft a speech that oozes with passion, enthralling their listeners. We can attend our client's keynote speeches and break them down, giving our clients helpful constructive feedback to help them improve.

Ovation’s proprietary 6-Steps to Success for each training or client engagement helps our clients become experts on the human interaction.

Ovation’s services focus on helping our clients achieve success in:

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Presentation Skills
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Speaker Coaching
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Communication Essentials
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Hybrid Communication

Ovation’s immersive and tailor-made learning experiences are designed to propel professionals to reach their peak in their fields

At Ovation, we understand that communication is key to success in any field. Whether you're looking to hone your public speaking skills or learn how to be a more effective leader, we can customize a learning experience to help you reach your goals.

Our all-encompassing programs are designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to make a lasting impact in your career. And because we believe that one-size-fits-all approaches don't work, our programs are customized to fit your unique needs and learning style. With Ovation Communication, you'll have everything you need to reach your professional potential. Contact us today to learn more about the approach from our communication skills consultants and how we can help you achieve success.


We help our clients grow while enjoying a fantastic time together!

We're proud to have worked with team members from:

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