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Ovation is in the News! Learn more about Ovation and what we do in these amazing articles. 

"Speaking of Events" - A podcast by our CEO Kerri Garbis is officially out!! Check it out on our Podcast Page - Digital Journal, Market WatchBoston News Desk, Trinity Digest

Ovation Certified by the Women's Business Enterprise Nation Council - Digital JournalMassachusetts Chronicle, Boston News Desk, Boston Herald, North American Report

Know World Now: Appreciation is The New Normal

Info Beat: Find Your Prominent Presentation Habit and Squash it if You Need To

Time Business News: The Key Elements to Better Business Storytelling

Geeks Around Globe: Three Words Tanking your Professional Presence 

My Trending Stories: Top Tips To Handle Speaking Anxiety,

Boston News Desk - Ovation Announces Launch of Studio G: AI Speaker Coaching Platform

East Coastsentenial - Ovation Announces Launch of Studio G: AI Speaker Coaching Platform

Women's Daily Magazine - Three Reasons Why You Don't Look Good On Camera

Daily Junkies  - Best 3 Reasons Why You Don't Look Good On Camera

Reality Paper - Do Genetics Play a Role in your Fear of Public Speaking 

Corp Magazine! - A great mention about our amazing partnership with Meeting Planners International

Tech Magazines - From Page to Stage; Ovation Gets You Speaker Ready with Studio G AI Driven Speaker Coaching

Tips to Embody Your Presentation Tactics: Entrepreneurs Break - May 14, 2021

EXCITING UPDATE: Ovation has teamed up with MPI as their exclusive speaker training partner! 

4 Tips to Make Presenters More Effective for Any Audience, April 19th, 2021

Uh, Um, So – Stop Using Filler Words, March 25th, 2021

Screen Fatigue: Practical Solutions to a Growing Problem, March 9th, 2021

Kerri Garbis of Ovation: Emotional Intelligence; What It Is, Why It Is So Essential, And How We Can Increase It

Ovation Launches Studio G; AI Driven Speaker Coaching, February 3rd, 2021

Gaining Mastery of the ‘Self’s’ For Personal and Professional Development By Kerri Garbis, CEO Ovation, December 6th, 2020




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