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Since its inception in 2011, Ovation Communication has helped thousands of speakers prepare to deliver stellar and confident keynote sessions, panel discussions, and solo and group presentations. Our highly rated speaker coaching services have strengthened the performances of many speakers at companies worldwide. We work with speakers to enhance and improve their style through storytelling. We empower speakers with stage fright techniques that have helped professional actors conquer this common challenge for years. Each speaker we coach walks on stage with an audience-centric focus and positive energy that motivates the audience to their intended call to action.

Through a variety of training modalities, Ovation Speaker Coaches will:

• Provide expert feedback to improve overall speaker performance.
• Model best practices for engaging speakers.
• Lead speakers towards concise and powerful articulation of their message.
• Impart the importance of storytelling in any presentation.
• Guide speakers to the best use of storytelling for audience engagement.
• Equip speakers with techniques to conquer stage fright.
• Enhance the personal style of individual speakers.
• Encourage the use of humor in the presentation, if applicable.
• Strengthen the speaker's vocal tone and inflection.
• Augment professionalism of speaker's presentation through body language awareness.
Assist in content development, if needed.
• Ensure the speaker's presentations and delivery are tantamount to company culture.
• Administer support materials such as tip sheets, content blueprints, and story maps.

Core Competencies

Coaching - Virtual and In-Person

Interactive Webinars

Resource Library

Workshops - Virtual and In-Person

On-Site Support

Speaker Scheduling and Management


Ovation employs professional actors with decades of experience in the art of professional presence and storytelling. Our trainers have been seen on Broadway, TV/Film and Stages all over the world. They use their experience and skill set as actors to help our clients become better public speakers and more confident communicators.