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Professional Presence


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Presentation Skills Storytelling Communication

Equip your teams with leading-edge communication skills.

Advance your organization's levels of awareness, behavior and communication - the all-important ABC qualities - with Ovation's Professional Presence service. We can help mold your teams into the greatest communicators they can be. Your team members will learn how to command attention in a room, modify their approaches to suit audiences, and interact with supreme poise.  They'll become skilled in communicating with positivity and resolute confidence. 

With our communication skills training consultants guiding your teams, your employees will break through communication walls while leveling up their presence.


Ovation's Professional Presence training is customizable to your organization's needs and budget, just as our Speaker Development training is.


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Our Professional Presence
training can help your teams

  • Define the top competencies associated with presence.
  • Understand what is needed to project gravitas.
  • Project a positive and authentic style.
  • Boost confidence and quash stage fright.
  • Communicate in an open and honest manner.
  • Reduce hostility and interpersonal tension by using constructive communication.
  • Employ techniques that maintain a positive environment, including identifying tools for reading their audience, communicating in an open yet professional manner while understanding and managing their emotions during difficult conversations. 
  • Create soul-stirring, ovation-getting speeches and presentations.
  • Expertly deliver any presentation through the use of acting techniques.
  • Engage and influence audiences in a memorable manner.
  • Use personal experiences and insights to power storytelling, engaging any audience.
  • Eliminate vague messages and unintended consequences.
  • Spot traps and pitfalls in vocal communication.
  • Navigate Q&A sessions with clarity and poise.
  • And more!
Our in-the-moment feedback from our communication skills training consultants and peer review means your teams will be able to recognize and articulate behavioral change post-training.  Know that our training consultants will be available for your teams at every step of their journey toward improving their communication skills.

Learn about Studio G - Our continuous learning solution


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Professional Presence Offerings

Presence is the blended skills of commanding a room, adapting to different audiences, and carrying yourself with poise, while positively communicating with confidence. Our Presence training offerings give participants opportunities to try some new skills on their feet and participate in a lively discussion, exploring today's challenges for leaders that impact overall presence.

What's so scary about standing up in front of people and talking? For some, pretty much everything! With our Presentation Skills training, participants learn how to present with poise, engage their audience positively, and the professional's go-to techniques for conquering stage fright!

The most compelling business stories establish a sense of collaboration between the storyteller and the listeners and motivate them to take the desired action. Ovation's Storytelling training enables professionals to connect with and engage audiences on personal and intuitive levels.

Communication Essentials empowers participants to optimize their work environment and propel their careers forward through increased Self-Awareness and improved Emotional Intelligence.

With all the additional distractions in the virtual environment, strong communicators need solid tools to ensure audience engagement and stellar delivery. From Ovation's training, participants understand what needs to be transformed and what stays the same for spectacular virtual resonance.



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