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What would you do if you could rehearse your presentation in front of an acutal audience instead of in front of the mirror or to an empty room? What if you could get a true audience response to each word you say and recieve instant feedback with insights and direction on how to improve from an expert team of coaches?


Welcome to OvationXR - Ovation's first virtual reality experience where you can work in front of an audience at any time, from any place for as long as you want. Step into a world that feels just a real as the one you live in every day. Truly experience -

  • Every laugh
  • Every uncomfortable moment
  • Every success 
  • Every opportunity to improve

So what does XR really mean? XR is a now widely accepted acronym which stands for eXtended Reality. The technical term is spatial computing.

OVATION has partnered with a leading team of expert engineers to curate this bespoke environment and bring this exciting new platform to your living room. Click HERE for an explanation of this tech and how we are making this happen.


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By optimizing cutting-edge technology such as Spatial Computing alongside the way Kerri & Team have innovated and perfected their coaching, OvationXR will revolutionize your company’s success, exponentially improve your ability to command and engage with an audience, and change your perception of what it means to rehearse. For the first time, you have a resource that will help you feel:

  • More Prepared
  • More Confident 
  • More Enaging