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Denton Lesslie

Graphic Designer 

A creative professional for over 15 years, Denton has held titles including Senior Graphic Designer, Associate Creative Director, Creative Director and Freelancer/Contractor. He has worked in graphic departments of Fortune 500 companies, was ‘the graphics department’ for marketing agencies and has freelanced for numerous startups and small businesses. He has excelled in all types of environments, but he really enjoys the customer interaction and working alongside business owners and employees to plan and grow their business marketing, identity and branding.


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What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Hands down, my family (wife and kids). That was always what I wanted to do and everything else supported it. Growing up I had parents that were always there… sports coaches, cub scout leaders, taxi drivers and mentors arguing through homework. Of course I didn’t understand at the time, but their involvement shaped the husband, father, and person that I am… that will be passed on.

You’ve won a vacation of your choosing! Where are you going?

I would love to travel across Australia. I would want to overland part, walkabout part, and take a train for the remainder. You will see and experience such different things in those different forms of transportation. It is the wild, rawness that excites me.

What can’t you start your day without?

Of course… Coffee on the back porch watching the creatures from the woods scurry around starting their day.

What is your most treasured possession?

Photographs. They help me remember and relive moments and instances in my life that have shaped me.

What is your hidden talent?

It has taken me decades, but I have finally become ‘Middle School Cool’. My wife and I have worked with youth (specifically 6th through 8th grade) for over 20 years. I love that age, they are so awkward and quirky, show their love in such strange ways, but they are excited for attention and growing into themselves and where they fit in this world. The amazing part is seeing and watching them come back and approach me as young adults. I guess the ‘hidden talent’ is that I can talk with Middle Schoolers.