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This is NOT the Website Ovation Communication of Illinois
(or Minnesota)

We are NOT and never have been a telephone company.

We do NOT control any telephone numbers.

We do NOT have any account information.

We regret that you found us because you have received harassing phone calls or had some other unpleasant dealings with a company that bears a name similar to ours.

This is not the web site of "Ovation Communications" of Minnesota or Illinois.  Ovation Communication of Illinois has not been in business since the year 2000.  We have posted a screen shot from the Illinois Secretary of State with the relevant information.

It appears, based on the complaints we have received, that someone or some company is representing themselves as a defunct company.  If you wish to file a complaint, please contact the Attorney General of Illinois.

We only place outbound phone calls to pre-qualified individuals at businesses and corporations which are likely to purchase our services. We are a small training firm based in Massachusetts and we generally sell our services to Fortune 500 companies. We do not telemarket nor make use of any third party services to do so on our behalf. If you believe you received a call from this firm, or from someone making representations that they are from our firm, please be assured that this is not coming from us. We sincerely hope that you find some relief from these calls.