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Patricia Legare | Training Consultant

Patricia is a Montreal based actor and entrepreneur. Through her small production company she founded in 2014, she develops, creates and produces shows for youth audiences and is otherwise known as Lady Lost, the forgotten princess. The first show, Enchanted Lady Lost!, has been presented two years in a row at the Centaur Theatre Company for their Saturday Morning Kids Series and this year she is going back in December with her newest show, The 12 Tasks of Lady Lost, premiering in English.

Through her production company, she also teaches the Michael Chekhov Technique. Patricia is a certified teacher and actor by the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium (GLMCC) at Mount Union University in Ohio. Actors, directors, drama students and even playwrights attend her workshops to learn a range of tools that Michael Chekhov developed in order to spark their imagination through a psycho-physical approach.

Between the time she graduated from ESTHEM ( École supérieure de théâtre musical) in 2003 and the time she decided to give her first passion, acting, a real chance by making it her focus, she worked 3 years for the magazine Fashion Magazine, WeddingBells and Mariage Québec before joining the Caisse Desjardins des Berges de Roussillon. These working experiences gave her a better sense of the business world and with her passion for learning, for finding solutions, her creativity opened many doors; from cashier at Desjardins, she quickly got promoted to administrative assistant before being asked to join the communications department as coordinator. This led her to be acting as the director of communications for six months while they were looking for a replacement for the former one.

When she decided to start her own company in 2014, her knowledge of different administrative tasks, of proper and effective communications helped her create shows adapted for her young audience and workshops to help actors grow, build a foundation in their work and mostly gain self-confidence. She truly believes that the secret to grow as a professional is to share knowledge, to connect with as many individuals as possible and to be humble.

Joining Ovation’s beautiful team is a great opportunity to use her communications skills as a speaker, actor, with her knowledge of the business world. Can’t wait to work with you!

Patricia Légaré - 2016 -APm

Contact Patricia

phone 866.202.0422 x719


What’s one thing you wish the business world would borrow from the acting world?

Its openness, its ability to create a whole new world with one object and how when we start to focus/concentrate on our partners, our audience, we become so much more ourselves.

Quelle est la chose que tu souhaiterais voir le monde des affaires emprunter au domaine artistique?

Son ouverture, sa capacité de créer un monde entier à partir d’un élément et aussi, comment lorsqu’on se concentre sur nos partenaires, notre audience, nous devenons beaucoup plus.

What do you consider your personal trademark as a trainer?

My energy, my passion, my “impossible is not possible so let’s find a solution”.

Quel est ta marque de commerce en tant  entraîneur?

Mon énergie, ma passion, mon insatiable  « l’impossible n’est pas possible, il y a toujours une solution à trouver ».

Which role or performance of your own has meant the most to you as an actor?

I recently played Katherine in Henry V and to play such a tragic character in a very comedic scene “the English Lesson” was truly amazing. A beautiful polarity that became the comedy of the scene.

Lequel de tes rôles ou réalisations a été le plus significant pour toi en tant qu’acteur?

J’ai récemment incarné Katherine dans la pièce Henri V the Shakespeare et de jouer un personnage aussi tragique dans une scène aussi comique, qu’est la scène de la leçon d’anglais, a été une expérience incroyable. La comédie a émergé de cette belle polarité.

What is your hidden talent?

Crochet!!! I was introduce to crochet around 2004 and I never thought it would become a life lesson; I learned that it was ok to do mistakes, that sometimes you have to take it back a few steps to come back stronger, that sometimes you are too far along and that you have to own your mistakes and in the long run... your mistakes become part of your originality, your uniqueness and that you are perfect as you are.

Quel est ton talent caché?

Le Crochet!!! En 2004, une amie m’a montré à faire du crochet et je n’aurais jamais pensé que ça deviendrait une leçon de vie; J’ai appris que c’était correcte de faire des erreurs, que parfois il faut revenir sur nos pas un peu pour progresser plus effectivement, que parfois nous sommes rendus trop loin pour revenir en arrière qu’il faut vivre avec nos erreurs et au bout du compte, nos erreurs font parties de nous et font que nous sommes uniques, originaux et que nous sommes parfaits tel que nous sommes.

You’ve won a vacation of your choosing! Where are you going?

A long life dream would be to go work on a Lion’s farm in South Africa, and then there is a monastery with Tigers in India, and go back to beautiful Sweden. Having discovered Iceland through literature, it would definitely be a stop too! Was I suppose to name just one?

Tu as gagné des vacances, où vas-tu?

L’un de mes rêves est d’aller travailler en Afrique du Sud dans une réserve avec des lions. Il y a aussi un monastère en Inde avec des tigres. Et il y a aussi la Suède que je veux retrouver! Et l’Islande que j’ai découvert à travers leur littérature qui serait un détour que j’aimerais faire. Devais-je en nommer qu’un?