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Ovation has always been a virtual company, so COVID-19 didn’t distract our organization with the need to reconfigure our infrastructure. We were one of the first training companies to immediately offer our coaching and workshops in a virtual format (both live instructor-led and asynchronously). Anything we’ve done in person, we deliver virtually with the same outcomes, engagement, and integrity as our traditional in-person learning.


One thing COVID-19 did give us was even more robust offerings, including lightning sessions, micro-learning, asynchronous coaching, and so much more!

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having or produced by a combination of two or more distinct elements”


That’s just one of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definitions. And today, hybrid can mean so much more. 


When it comes to hybrid communication and presenting to a hybrid audience, Ovation’s training is the premier expert. With a long history of speaking, coaching, and facilitating all types of audiences, on every platform imaginable, Ovation’s training, for the myriad of hybrid scenarios out there, is second to none. 


Our coaching, training, and workshops are immersive and will get your speakers and teams ready to shine in this new hybrid world. 



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