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Studio G - AI Driven Speaker Coaching
Game changing communication skills

Game changing communication skills

Facilitated by professional actors
Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Update your interpersonal skills
Harness the power of business storytelling

Harness the power of business storytelling

Connect with — and activate — your audience
Milk and Cookies

We are actors. The perfect match for your professional development.

Emotional Intelligence

Upgrade your interpersonal

Smiling Fingers

Our EI courses bring out the best in your team. Increase civility, build better workplace relationships, and boost productivity.


Conquer your presentation fears

Game-changing presentation skills training facilitated by professional actors. Our team of business savvy, working professional actors will prime your speakers for everything from conferences and large scale events to memorable in-house presenting.


Bring the element of surprise into your storytelling

Harness the power of business storytelling. Connect with — and activate with your audience. Storytelling for business isn’t simply a trend — it’s a movement in communication. Actors specialize in stories. Let us show you how to personalize the facts.

Here's what some of our clients are saying ...
"For any team who is looking to deliver Presentation & Storytelling Training, I am sharing a strong endorsement for Ovation. The training helps to improve presentation skills, overcome habits or fears, and practice the delivery of a compelling story in a risk-free environment. The feedback from the 30+ individuals who participated is very positive and the progress in skills obvious."
— J. Zunker, Microsoft
"I think this is one the best investments LMCO made on a leadership training program."
— T. Simpson, Lockheed Martin
"The course was a great investment of time! I was able to take away immediate actions to improve my facilitation of virtual meetings. In addition, a lot of the tips are also applicable to face-to-face meetings. The instructor was knowledgeable and put everyone at ease. I especially like the small group setting for this type of course."
— D. Roof, John Hancock
"I remember lots of things, but primarily that it was the best, most effective training I have ever had."
— D. Wisenteiner, Microsoft
"The course material was concise, insightful, and actionable. The delivery of the material was outstanding. Our team was challenged to improve our skills, provided with the tools to do that, and encouraged at every step. We will be actively looking for ways to continue our engagement with Ovation and these materials."
— E. Le Blanc, Tyson
"Incredible experience! I have been to a lot of communication trainings, and this was by far the most inspired, multi-disciplinary, and just plain fun. I applied insights directly to my presentation the following week."
— E. Willmott, Microsoft
"I highly recommend Ovation Communication to any company seeking experts who know how to get results!"
— S. Ocasio, Luxury Attaché
"We engaged Ovation to conduct three separate trainings on presentation skills. The sessions were attended by senior management. All participants unanimously agreed the Ovation Trainer was an outstanding instructor with a great presence and command of the group. The training was not only efficient and smooth, it was entertaining and non threatening and all participants came away with tools and techniques to incorporate into their next presentations. I would definitely endorse Ovation for their very professional approach to training."
— S. Brown, Akridge
"I think the Ovation training was phenomenal. I learned so many techniques that will allow me to provide a dynamic presentation. I look forward to working with the Ovation staff on a consistent basis to become more comfortable speaking fluidly to any person or audience."
— K.Johnson, Microsoft
"Excellent course, taught by an engaging instructor. Struck the right balance between “constructive criticism” and acknowledgement of progress that is made. Exercises / strategies are helpful, as well as awareness of common pitfalls in presentation that others make. Well worth the time."
— G. Hurtt, Raymond James
"As a team, we just have been coached by Ovation Communication and it was phenomenal. Best we liked how relevant and tailored the training was to our business needs, but also how much deep professional experience and expertise (the Ovation Trainer) brought to the table, making all the theory very grounded and trusted. I can’t thank them enough for the value our team gained. Totally worth our time! Thank you."
— Y. Terukhova, Microsoft
"The Ovation Trainer was a very professional, competent and enjoyable instructor. We had some fun while learning some new skills that will help us in our delivery of presentations and telling stories. After doing this for many years, it is always good to get a refresher and move away from some bad habits. The trainer's approach to criticism was direct yet not confrontational and made it easy to correct and implement his suggestions. Overall a great day."
— S. Hay, Ricoh
"I thought it was great and the facilitator was phenomenal. I believe the few short and enjoyable hours spent will help me become better at what I do."
— S. Broderick, TIAA
"The Ovation Trainer was great! Very effective facilitator. He kept us engaged the entire session. The pace was perfect. The format was informative and entertaining. You can’t ask for more. Thanks!"
— T. Brown, TIAA
"The ability to effectively present ideas is critical not only to business, but all areas of life. The Ovation Communication program helped me to confront my own perceptions about how I present and laid out a path to be more effective...thanks!"
— B. Munkel, SP+
"Ovation’s training is superb. Extremely valuable and constructive. The Ovation Trainer was an excellent instructor who understood how to give constructive criticism to all personality types (shy, vulnerable, strong, outgoing, introverted) without making anyone feel bad about themselves. That’s a skill you can’t teach."
— E. Rejhons, TIAA
"This was one of the best training courses I have ever received. I will be honest, I was not looking forward to this class. But — it was not only engaging but empowering. The leader was passionate and very helpful. I came away feeling so much more confident and enjoyed every moment. Before taking this class — I felt lost on how I was going to get better at presenting, now I have tools that I can use. THANK YOU!!!!"
— D. Cornelio, AvalonBay Communities
"I thought the training was very informative and helpful in my role as a Relationship Manager. I look forward to using the skills I learned with my upcoming Business Planning meetings with my clients."
— D. Ahrens, TIAA
"I think it was extremely beneficial, engaging, and thought provoking. I greatly enjoyed the presenter and thought that she made four hours just fly by. I would be very interested in doing additional sessions such as this one."
— J. Avrunina, Baird
"Great Class! Fun, Energizing, & Rewarding!"
— J. Nicholas, TIAA
"Very informative and appreciated the candor during the process. I liked the feedback that I got and although uncomfortable at times, it allowed me to reflect on my behaviors that I am now more conscientious of."
— Z. Sarabia, TIAA
"What a refreshing presentation course! I was nice to be taught by professionals that have been studying the skill of presenting all their lives. Very entertaining and engaging! I highly recommend this training."
— A. Wilson, TIAA
"Ovation presenter training is one of the best training experiences I’ve ever been through. Years later, I still find myself relying on the material — I still actually have the course materials nearby for reference. It’s an immersive experience that improves your ability to communicate, period. Not just on stage, but in the boardroom, in a sales presentation, when conducting training — even giving toasts at a wedding. You’ll find yourself using the skills you learn here in all sorts of places along the way."
— K. Rodemaker, BT Partners
"The most entertaining, thought provoking and impactful four hours I have had in a long time. The Ovation facilitator had my attention from the moment he started talking."
— B. Steiner, TIAA
"I’ve been in the Financial Services industry for nearly 38 years and this was one of the best classes I’ve participated in. The Ovation Trainer did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and coaching us by opening herself up to the group and showing us that emotion and passion can and should be used when developing your story line. Showing vulnerability helps to build trust and believability with your audience. Getting up in front of a room of people — even people you know — is never easy but he Ovation Trainer created a safe and comfortable environment for all of us and that made all the difference."
— G. DeFazio, TIAA
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